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Here are some more things which might interest you

Someone has written a Wikipedia page. It looks accurate but not entirely up to date.

I gave a couple of interviews to the Independent which you can read here and here.

Over the years I have been able to report for The Times on the work of a charity called Send a Cow. They do remarkable work. Give them a visit, please.

Here is Send a Cow's Radio 4 Appeal.

I am pleased and proud to be patron of The Woolverstone Project which gives sailing opportunities to people with a wide range of disability.

I worked with Suffolk Punches, the rarest breed of native carthorse, for over a decade. They need all our support and the Suffolk Punch Trust is working hard to ensure their survival and to enable us all to enjoy them.


Our son, Nicholas, died in 2003 by his own hand, aged 23. His legacy is an inspiring collection of writings which we have now published. You can find out more about the book, read the reviews, and order a copy here.